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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Auto Tweet a welcome message!

At some point, everyone wants to gain more growth and create a community behind their organisation. Nothing like letting your newcomers feel welcomed by tweeting their presence on your twitter channel and signing them up to your mailing list via a google signup form.
So someone finally comes across your blog, website or even facebook page! Wow, great now that you've gotten this lead, how can you get them to signup for joining your community and ensuring they enjoy the process?

For starters, manners and impression are very important. Why not be unique and instead of just sending them a welcome message in an email, how about you also tell them welcome via Twitter...automatically!
Something like "Hi John Doe, welcome to Mark-TechSavvy"

The same sign-up form that they would use to join your mailing list or get you to email them a free ebook can also be used to automatically tweet a welcome message! Try the form I have below and then after you've clicked the submit button, refresh/reload the webpage. You'll see a tweeted welcome message in my twitter feed on the right (may take a minute).

If you try out the system, I'll take that as an indication that you are curious and I'll email the do-it-yourself .pdf.

Here's to building a social community without making social media a burden to maintain! Cheers.


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