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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Google Docs and Twitter.

So I needed to create a supporting framework between twitter and google spreadsheet. The aim was a google spreadsheet with pre-populated data that would automatically output tweets.

This I personally believe to be very useful as students can follow a particular twitter channel in my project and it will reinforce concepts that they have learnt by pushing daily tweets that are subject specific.

I'm not sure what to actually show you as the result but I will explain the concept.

Lets say you have a spreadsheet with History dates (I hated history, but Im just saying!).
What would be done is that all the necessary historical events that happened would each be summarised as a 120character tweet (twitter uses the other 20 for ids). Now each day a tweet would go out automatically from google docs more specifically, google spreadsheet.

The entire thing is nothing shy of a thing of beauty and very useful. Personally, I'm happy.
Check out our website and follow one of our subjects to see exactly what you get as the end result.

Thanks to Martin over at JISC RSC Mashe for sharing his ideas.


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