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Welcome! What's the purpose of Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Any one of these 3 giants are really great, but its hard to imagine creating a company on the internet and not needing to use one of these 3, if not all of them.

Google Spreadsheets and Google Apps Script provide a very good basic platform that you can develop upwards from.

Perhaps you're new to the idea of cloud computing but you actually like the idea of only needing a password and not being restricted to a specific computer with installed applications... this may be a good starting point for you.

Facebook provides a direct marketing platform to advertise services/goods as well as to advertise to newer and newer clients. As a matter of fact, building out a micro-site inside a facebook page is a very cool option for marketing and web-presence.

Twitter in particular though is great for researching trends, mapping out a network and researching social trends. Of extreme interest though is the ability to very simply broadcast a message as well as see what is being discussed in real time.

Put all these together and you have what is perhaps the most beautiful opportunity to really get whatever you need to do done!

As for me, I'm interested in providing online learning to students. I just need to use the social media platforms and google to help me create a framework that simplifies everything and supports the actual human component.