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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meet and Market Business Through Twitter.

I hate to sound like I'm selling marketing services but if there's one thing that I know all too well its that without marketing, any business interest or product, no matter how good, will only be known by the owner/creator. There's definately no two ways about it, marketing is a must.

Twitter's search functionality cannot be under-estimated.

First of all, you get to use real-time updates to find out what people are tweeting about and you can identify which individual is tweeting about the keywords you have searched for.

Secondly, after identifying those individuals, sending them an email to introduce your website, blog or services are great for the next step. It may seem a bit forward, it may not. That is actually how some marketing companies make use of twitter.
It is true that posting tweets are similar to posting status messages inside facebook, except facebook doesnt allow you to search the status messages that are posted on their platform beyond you only seeing what was said by someone you already know.

Twitter not only makes it easy to generate new leads, but gaining access to those individuals and integrating with your already existent systems become so much easier based on their published API.

The Plan
Feed my Blog Labels/Tags to Twitter Search.
Then message those twitter users that were returned from the twitter search with a tinyurl hotlink to my blog.

UPDATE! - Okay, well I wont even write a new post or inform you on how I've implemented, suffice it to say, I encountered this blog and it does as much of what I need to do!

Here's to making Social Media work for you.


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