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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The beginning... thanks google

Firstly, let me start by saying google is easily the greatest invention. Single Sign_On is super great not just only because of the integration between your gmail (goodbye outlook), calendar (goodbye phone calendar and outlook) but also because google keeps acquiring more and more great products e.g. Blogger!

Btw, I live in Jamaica and I got an automated voice call from google with my verification code. I hate to sound like a noob but dude this is just really super officially easily the most effective strategy I've ever seen a company that want to convince others that it is interested in real development have. I'm convinced. I'm a believer.

Anyways I've started really using google apps and GAS (google apps script, which is really javascript, just like fbml- facebook mark up language is really html) and its been nothing short of refreshing and amazing.

Very simple to use and intuitive, I think I can literally count how many word, excel or presentation documents I have stored on any local machine. I do keep files backed up on my external though, wouldnt be wise to leave everything in the cloud after all, I dont work at or for google and I'm not paying them so I cant demand anything back, none the less, something tells me they are safe so long as I again, back them up.

So I'm prototyping an educational tool, and google seems really big on education (after all that's how they got started in the first place). Hopefully it will definately help my country to excel even the more in academia as well as the caribbean region. I'd however really love to see this whole thing have an entire community behind it, filled with educators, innovators/programmers as well as students who keep demanding more from technology.

As weezy would say... ""here I go!"



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